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The Security Risks of Near-Shoring to Mexico

Implications for Business Strategy

There is a saying in Spanish, that “Un hombre prevenido, vale por dos,” which translates as “a man forewarned, is worth two.” If you are a business executive in Mexico or contemplating a move to Mexico, this expression has relevance. Knowing Mexico’s security landscape in advance is crucial. Not knowing it can have serious and lasting consequences.

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Introducing CCLS

The Cultural Center for Language Studies (CCLS) Houston is a program designed specifically for working professionals who need to become effective in Spanish, Portuguese or English in a dynamic corporate environment both in the U.S. and abroad. Our focus is to produce effective, business-specific results so that your company’s employees can realize a return on your language training investment quickly. CCLS Houston is a licensed affiliate of CCAA in Brazil, which has over 50 years experience and proven methods in language training.

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