ACCENT REDUCTION – The Benefits of Improving Your Pronunciation

  • Stop having to repeat yourself
  • Open up career improvement opportunities
  • Perform better in school
  • Stop being too embarrassed to speak publicly

It is an all too common scenario: Roberto studied English in his home country of Mexico for many years. When he was transferred to the United States for work, he thought he was ready. Once he was here, he had trouble understanding the native English speakers in meetings and other interactions. When he needed to communicate his thoughts, he was often either misunderstood or not understood at all, despite repeating himself and avoiding difficult words. It was a very frustrating process for him, realizing that he had learned to speak and understand English with the accent spoken in his home country only. This is how he described his situation:

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Making Resolutions: The Age Old Tradition

It is that time of the year. No matter what religion (if any) we practice, most of us will gather with friends and family to celebrate the Holidays. For thousands of years, humanity has been passing generation to generation the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions as they plan for the year to come. From the Babylonians to the 21st century, both men and women have always possessed a drive to reflect upon our self-improvement every year. Here at CCLS Houston, it is our commitment to help you on your personal journey in 2015.

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The Security Risks of Near-Shoring to Mexico

Implications for Business Strategy

There is a saying in Spanish, that “Un hombre prevenido, vale por dos,” which translates as “a man forewarned, is worth two.” If you are a business executive in Mexico or contemplating a move to Mexico, this expression has relevance. Knowing Mexico’s security landscape in advance is crucial. Not knowing it can have serious and lasting consequences.

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Introducing CCLS

The Cultural Center for Language Studies (CCLS) Houston is a program designed specifically for working professionals who need to become effective in Spanish, Portuguese or English in a dynamic corporate environment both in the U.S. and abroad. Our focus is to produce effective, business-specific results so that your company’s employees can realize a return on your language training investment quickly. CCLS Houston is a licensed affiliate of CCAA in Brazil, which has over 50 years experience and proven methods in language training.

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