Don’t Just be Bilingual BE Bi-Cultural

Don’t Just be Bilingual BE Bi-Cultural Courses

Should you be serious and formal or should you joke a little to break the ice in that first meeting with your potential Argentinean clients? It might be better to go with the first.

Are there significant differences in the negotiating styles among business people from Spanish speaking countries? What kind of information about culture and belief systems should you gather before your meeting with potential business partners from the Middle East or from China?

The more you respect attitudes towards work, family and religion, the more successful you will be when dealing with people of different ethnic backgrounds whose cultural values may determine their rules related to conducting business. While your potential client might prefer that you focus on facts, another might choose a very different approach, one in which you have to establish a good relationship before you can do any business.

In this seminar, we will talk about the importance of knowing the cultural background of your potential client, some of the general rules you can apply when meeting people of other countries, and how by understanding these differences and details among cultures can give you an advantage in business dealings.