Intercultural Seminar

Cultural Intelligence Courses in Houston

CCLS Houston now offers a series of workshops in transcultural competence, also known as Cultural Intelligence or cultural quotient (CQ). During our seminars, we will adapt and customize content to reach your specific issues and needs. Since culture is not one monolithic entity, neither are our courses. We will provide you with essential tools to manage social and business interactions in the ever-changing transcultural space. Our courses will provide you with an understanding of the latest transcultural theory and concepts and an opportunity to discuss its application in business situations or in any context required. Over 90% of executives from 68 different countries recently identified cross-cultural leadership as the top management challenge for the next century. CCLS Houston looks forward to helping your company meet and resolve that challenge.

With globalization shortening distances and technology bringing us closer, today’s world seems to resemble an old village. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Whatever the business sector, the convergence of various cultures with a shrinking global footprint bring about more differences than ever and the potential to create unanticipated conflict between people who must interact within these environments. Whether we travel abroad for business or vacation, cross-cultural interactions are among us every day. For this simple reason, intercultural competence (also known as transcultural competence) is a much-needed tool.

Seminar details:

  • 6-8 hours
  • Customized for your industry
  • Can accommodate 10-20 individuals
  • Taught by a highly qualified instructor
  • Includes a comprehensive guidebook covering each topic taught

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