Language Programs

Languages School Houston

CCLS has blended the attributes of comprehension and convenience to create the most efficient method of teaching languages to professionals in the corporate world. Among the many language schools in Houston, CCLS Houston has proven results in teaching English, Spanish, and Portuguese, one-on-one and classroom style to promote fluency in languages. Our experience as a corporate language school promotes flexible scheduling and program content geared to serve the needs and objectives of corporate professionals in Houston.

CCLS has a proven dynamic program of interactive classes emphasizing conversation in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Professionals and executives are encouraged to listen and comprehend the new language, then incorporate grammar naturally. The program is presented using the latest multimedia technology to keep the course exciting and engaging.

Corporate Language School in Houston

The best corporate language school in Houston, CCLS, has developed a unique language program in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, which teaches communication skills in the first lesson. This student-centered program encourages active participation to develop thinking and speaking skills in the new language. The translation is not the goal of CCLS students; understanding is.

Language Training

The unique language training of CCLS is based on the natural language learning process; the way children learn to speak their native language. A child is taught to speak and understand. To develop fluency in languages, CCLS students learn by listening to a dialogue, and understanding is gained through listening and speaking. With the basics understood, grammar lessons reinforce the process for deeper integration. Listening and comprehension practice are key to immersion in a new language.

English Comprehension, Spanish Comprehension and Portuguese Comprehension.

The customized curricula of CCLS Houston, designed specifically for professionals and executives, are geared to incorporate the areas of banking, oil industry, financial services, human resources, hospitality services, international relations, import/export interests, marketing, and sales. CCLS utilizes multimedia technology to present vocabulary, pronunciation, listening comprehension, and grammar skills. The goal of CCLS Houston is to inspire the student’s confidence in conversational skills in a new language.

English Classes Houston, Spanish Classes Houston and Portuguese Classes Houston

CCLS offers seven levels of instruction in English classes Houston, Spanish classes Houston and Portuguese classes Houston. Each student receives a free assessment test to determine the level which will best serve the student’s learning process. Instruction is accomplished with customized learning techniques in one-on-one language classes and student-paced learning. Semi-private courses are also available with the same flexibility as the one-on-one language classes. Intermediate and advanced students enjoy a customized program based on specific-industry terminology and their business objectives.

Interpreters and Translations in Houston

For translations, CCLS Houston also has a trained team of professional translators and interpreters to assist in the fine details of business and corporate negotiations. The goal of CCLS in Houston is your success in fluency in the language key to your business, especially English comprehension, Spanish comprehension, and Portuguese comprehension.