American Culture and Conversation

American Culture and Conversation

Improve your English conversation skills and gain the confidence to speak clearly and fluently in everyday life situations.

The CCLS American Conversation Skills Program offers:

■ Small-group classes: Students will work closely with our experienced English language instructors in groups of three to six students.

■ Individualized learning: Our instructors will adjust the syllabus and class activities to the specific level and language learning needs of each student.

■ Interactive classrooms: Students will have opportunities to practice interactions in a variety of situations relevant to their real lives through class discussions, role plays, presentations, and partner interviews.

■ Course includes comprehensive coverage of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation practice, idiomatic usage, and American culture.


CCLS American Conversation Skills is a 48-hour (12 week) course.


Students will work with an assigned textbook, as well as additional materials distributed by the instructor in class.


By the end of this 48-hour course, students will be able to:
  • Establish and maintain direct conversation and communication with native speakers of English
  • Employ strategies for communicating effectively in a variety of social situations
  • Ask clear, simple questions
  • Express opinions and support their statements
  • Clarify misunderstandings
  • Use American sayings and idiomatic expressions
  • Maintain a better understanding of American culture