Business Chinese

Business Chinese

Course Length: 16 lessons, and 32 hours in total. 2 hours/lesson, 2 lessons/week for 8 weeks.

Course Description:

If you wish to do business in China, the first step you can take toward establishing a successful relationship with your Chinese partners is to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of Chinese business culture. If you can speak basic words in Mandarin and display some knowledge of Chinese business etiquette, you will impress the Chinese partners immediately. Your efforts to learn Chinese language and business etiquette will go a long way toward establishing mutual trust.

With increasing business trips and marketing development in China, this program aims to help business owners / professionals with their basic speaking and listening skills and understanding of Chinese business etiquette. Through involvement in class activities, student will practice conversations in the situations that reflect authentic business scenarios and get familiar with Chinese business etiquette.

Course Feature & Structure:

The course combines basic oral language practice, communicative activities in a variety of business scenarios, and the introduction of Chinese business etiquette.


Students will work with an assigned textbook, as well as additional materials distributed by the instructor in class.


  • 1. Greetings
    • a. Say greetings
    • b. Polite responses
    • c. Basis for Chinese etiquette
  • 2. Initial Contact and Introductions
    • a. Forms of address
    • b. Conduct introductions
    • c. Exchange of business cards
  • 3. Business Networking
    • a. Promoting goodwill / send out invitation
    • b. Guanxi & face
    • c. Contacting the other party
  • 4. On a Business Trip
    • a. Airport pickup
    • b. Emergency circumstances
  • 5. Business Meeting
    • a. Business meeting protocol
    • b. Meeting and presentation
    • c. Video Conference
  • 6. Business Entertainment
    • a. Business Dinner and Table manners
    • b. Dinner Host and Order
    • c. Tea serving
    • d. Drinking etiquette
    • e. Home visit & Dinner party
  • 7. Business Gift Giving
    • a. Good gift & bad gift
    • b. How to present a gift
  • 8. Shopping
    • a. Numbers
    • b. How to bargain