Mastering English for Success

Mastering English for Success Courses in Houston

Preparation for TOELF test

At CCLS Houston, our “Mastering English for Success” program is carefully designed to develop their skills of understanding and communicating effectively and naturally in English. Our goal is to develop your fluency to a point where you will be at ease and capable in professional settings such as business meetings, presentations or seminars, or sensitive business negotiations requiring an understanding of the details being communicated at the table. We understand that this is an investment on your part. As such, we have a time-tested approach to develop your language skills. In our four-part program, class sessions are dynamically focused on intensive question and response drills (learning to speak), grammar, vocabulary, and writing.

This is the general structure that is woven throughout the program. More specifically, we select high-frequency verbs [key verbs] and vocabulary that are the most important building blocks needed by students in order to rapidly and proficiently develop their skills of understanding and communication. Both formal and everyday American speech is introduced in the material and by the instructor, so that students become familiar with these forms of speech.

This method is the essential backbone of a progressive program that increases in complexity, speed and expansion of scope in terms of verbs and vocabulary as students work their way towards higher levels.

Our program emulates integrated-skills exercises and drills that students will encounter on the Test of English as a Foreign Language [TOEFL], as well as other language assessment and certification tests.