Medical Spanish

Medical Spanish Courses in Houston

Improve your professional life and add value to your medical career
Learn to interact with medical Spanish speakers with confidence and competence!

The CCLS Houston Medical Spanish Program offers:

  • Private or small-group classes: Students will work closely with our experienced Medical Spanish language instructors in one-on-one settings or in groups of three to six students.
  • Individualized learning: Our instructors will adjust the syllabus and class activities to the specific level and language learning needs of each student.
  • Interactive classrooms: Students will have opportunities to practice interactions in a variety of situations relevant to their real lives as medical professionals, such as admitting and consulting with patients, writing and filling prescriptions, and many more.
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish for medical contexts: Students will complete the program with a basic understanding of Spanish in medical vocabulary and grammar specifically geared towards medical professionals.


With the help of the CCLS Interactive Program, students will develop basic proficiency in the language skills of listening, speaking, and reading in ways that are relevant to their medical careers in real, tangible ways. The program features a variety of audio, video, and print materials relevant to the medical field, as well as a heavy focus on classroom interaction.

The CCLS Medical Spanish program is specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals in the medical field (doctors, nurses, hospital employees, etc.) who wish to develop or improve their basic Spanish communication skills. At CCLS Houston, we place a premium on speaking and listening skills, which students will learn through continuous involvement in interactive class activities. Teaching tools include authentic materials such as newspaper and magazine clippings, TV clips and music videos. Students will learn basic medical conversation skills that reflect real life hospital situations.

The CCLS Program focuses primarily on teacher-student and peer interaction. Tasks and activities in the classroom include communicative activities (role-play, question-and-answer, practice of natural speech, etc.), instructor-guided activities (reading comprehension questions, pronunciation practice, etc.), and exercises to learn and internalize specific vocabulary and grammar structures.


The CCLS Medical Spanish program series is comprised of four levels of instruction. Standard level completion time is 30 hours, taught in 15 sessions of two hours each. Actual program duration will vary depending on individual needs and level of each student, as well as the group's size and pace.


Students will work with the Textbook and workbook, as well as additional materials distributed by the instructor in class.


By the end of this 30-hour program, students will be able to

  • interact with Medical Spanish speakers in their work situations in a professional way.
  • conduct general interviews for admissions and carry on basic conversations about important topics such as medical histories and prescriptions.
  • identify common medical symptoms and diseases in Spanish.
  • better understand the different cultural approaches to health and doctors in Hispanic cultures.

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