Medical Spanish

Medical Spanish Courses in Houston

Improve your professional life and add value to your medical career
Learn to interact with medical Spanish speakers with confidence and competence!

This program is designed to help medical professionals improve their communication with patients in the Spanish-speaking community. This program is geared toward medical professionals with no prior or basic Spanish language experience.

Medical Spanish is an elective program focused on medical vocabulary, linguistics and culture necessary for caregivers to provide more effective and compassionate care.

Our Method

Taught one-on-one or in small groups, students will develop working language skills for communication applicable to the field of medicine and healthcare. Students will review grammatical structures needed to interact with patients such as asking questions, giving commands and reporting in past, present, and future tense, emphasizing conversational skills through interactive class activities.

Medical Spanish Program focuses primarily on teacher-student and peer interaction. Tasks and activities in the classroom include communicative activities (role play, question and answer, practice of natural speech, etc.,) instructor-guided activities (reading, comprehension questions, pronunciation practice, etc.,) and exercises to learn and internalize specific vocabulary and grammatical structures.


The Medical Spanish Program series is comprised of two levels of instruction. Standard level completion time is 50 hours, taught in 25 sessions of two hours each. Actual program duration will vary depending on individual needs, the level of each student, and the group’s size and pace of learning.


One book covering level one and two.
The program is complemented with multimedia technology to keep the course exciting and engaging.


Upon completion of program, learners will be able to:

  • Gain a strong foundation in Basic Spanish for Medical Personnel.
  • Achieve a professional working knowledge of Medical Spanish and cultural awareness of the needs of the Spanish-speaking community.
  • Communicate with confidence and competence.
  • Add a new skill to your professional profile.
  • Acquire a specialized Spanish vocabulary appropriate to health care situations.
  • Better understand the different cultural approaches to health care and medical services within various Hispanic cultures.

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