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Learn the most important human relating competency in business today!

What is Intercultural Intelligence?

Brainpower! It’s learning, understanding and applying the science behind all human interactions. Whether it is at a boardroom meeting, a social event or an economical transaction. Knowledge is today’s prime commodity which permits people to work and live across cultures, maximizing results in today’s globalized and interconnected world. A Transcultural expert is able to read people of all cultures and convert the information attained to further their purposes, avoid cultural misunderstandings that can ruin business or even ruin them. Only last year, more than half of international deals failed because of cultural ignorance. Just one inappropriate gesture can lead to misconceptions that can carry unwanted consequences in your deals and your future. Being transculturally competent will enable you to be more successful, empower you and your staff to work through diversity and obtain your business and personal goals.

Why should we care?

Being bilingual or even multilingual is not enough to succeed in a world that is becoming smaller and more interconnected. Language is just one component of Culture and not even the most important. Today’s world requires we learn and master the language of humanity; understand the threads that connect all people of the globe and the universal infrastructures that sustain each social group. In a culturally efficient environment, groups work better, intercommunication is more effectual and goals are achieved faster.

“Intercultural Intelligence and Competency” is the application of interdisciplinary studies to the business world. This program, developed and designed by Dr. Evelyn Tirado, is backed by scientific data adapted and applied to enhance understanding in different spaces so human interaction is more productive.

How can CCLS help?

In our custom tailored seminars, you will be able to develop the skills you need to navigate across different cultural environments. We do not talk about culture, we provide you with the tools you need to understand transcultural competence, and be successful no matter the context.

Our syllabus is always flexible. One size does not fit all. We customize our content to better accommodate your needs and to specifically address your concerns.

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