CCLS is a global leader in ensuring personal and professional communication skills through utilization of information technology services. Information technology at CCLS has opened doors for professional access to expand markets internationally through an understanding of new cultures, creating business allies and finding commonality through shared customs. CCLS also offers professional translation services. The use of electronic software and industry specific professional translators, bridge the language gap seamlessly, promoting understanding and cooperation essential to success in the global business world. Without ever leaving the comfort of your office, you travel to the ends of the earth pursuing and cornering a niche in business otherwise unavailable.

We offer translation services to industries such as oil & gas, health care, general business and the military, among others.

Our translators are both technical and business experts. The services include Power Point presentations, training manuals, marketing materials, health care summaries and websites.

The staff is comprised of expert translators fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, German, Japanese, Chinese and other languages commonly used in the business world.

We offer quick and easy on-line file exchange with your design team. We’ll translate it, edit it, proofread it and e-mail it back ASAP.

The process can be hassle-free because we adapt to your language, to your market, to your deadline and to your budget.

Among our clients are US Air Force, US Army, Social Security Administration, ABB, Solar Turbines and Physicians United Plan.