Mana, our business development consultant with an exceptional academic portfolio, is a well-rounded interdisciplinary educator and business thinker who is dedicated to providing the highest quality services for educational institutes to escalate their organizations to the next level by optimizing their operational management.

She has helped many professionals globally, transform their lives by making the right decision in their career transition, supporting them throughout the entire process. Apart from her Master of Science in biotechnology from New York University and MBA degree from Australia, Mana also holds a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) diploma from Royal London Training College in the UK.

Mana’s objective with CCLS Houston is to not only provide a supportive environment in which everyone learns according to their needs, but to also help each client become aware of the best ways they can grow in the global market.

Why choose our company

More than 50 years of experience
Focus on conversation and comprehension
Small groups and native instructors
Emphasis on business dialogue, vocabulary and situations
Dynamic and interactive instructional style
Friendly and very effective learning process

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