Greg is a native speaker with a master's degree in Education. He taught in the U.S. for over 30 years then retired. In 2000, Greg went to Taiwan and taught English at the Chinese Cultural University in Taipei. He worked with the government of Taiwan to screen candidates for their English skills in order to work in Embassy and consulates throughout the world. In Taipei, he taught English teaching majors, Conversation, Vocabulary, Teaching methods, and composition.

In 2004, Greg moved to Indonesia and taught in IKIP, UGAM, and UNIKA universities, primarily teaching conversational English as well as reaching out to several businesses to help with international business communications. However, at UGAM University, he worked with Engineering Ph.D.'s to help with new teaching methods. In the other Indonesian universities, he taught English majors' conversation and pronunciation of English words.

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More than 50 years of experience
Focus on conversation and comprehension
Small groups and native instructors
Emphasis on business dialogue, vocabulary and situations
Dynamic and interactive instructional style
Friendly and very effective learning process

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