Aurora is a native Spanish speaker from Chiclayo, Peru. She attended Law School at Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal. Upon arriving in Houston, 28 years ago, she had many jobs before becoming a teacher, including a part-time reporter at Univision Houston and the list goes on and on, until she found her calling; teaching Spanish. She personally approaches teaching as a privilege. She believes all students can learn when the opportunity is giving in a relevant and creative way.

She earned a master's in pedagogy to teach Spanish as a second language and started working as a language instructor, first teaching to high school students and, then to adult students from Lone Star College and Texas Southern University.

During her 11 years of teaching experience, she has taught all levels of proficiency. She teaches in a traditional classroom setting, at an Early College High School from Aldine ISD, and through virtual and face-to-face sessions with the confidence of providing relevant real-life experiences content instruction while maintaining her student's engagement and interest in the class.

Her students are her heroes because she can not see herself growing as a teacher without them. They inspire her to want to learn new instructional strategies in order to make her lessons interesting to them. She enjoys listening to their stories as they communicate during her Spanish classes. She loves their effort to speak at least a short paragraph in Spanish.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge of her beautiful language and her culture by relating to the student from her journey as a second language learner herself first English in the USA and then Italian in Perugia Italy, knowing firsthand the effort involved and the steps needed to acquire the ability to communicate in meaningful and appropriate ways in a second language.

She loves her students because they make her hopeful about the future of America (EE UU).

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