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    For your career goals

    • English in General

      English in General

      English language course specially designed to meet the needs of adults and mature teenagers (ages 16 and up) in daily life activities.

    • English for Professionals

      English for Professionals

      Prepares students to speak and understand the work environment and business terminology; emphasizing on the appropriate use of vocabulary and its pronunciation.

    • Mastering English for Success

      Mastering English for Success

      Prepares students for the TOEFL and improves their knowledge of the English Language and their ability to use its expressions and speech patterns. It masters the students’ writing and reading skills.

    • Accent Reduction and Conversation

      Accent Reduction and Conversation

      Be naturally understood by native speakers, increasing your confidence and opening up social and professional opportunities.


  • Lourdes NievesFinding CCLS Houston has been one of the best things that ever happened to me since I moved to Houston. Actually I am taking the “Accent Reduction and Conversation” class. It has been a wonderful experience for me personally and professionally. Even when I speak English I always found hard to communicate effectively because of my accent. Those days are hover!

    Lourdes Nieves

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  • German Ortiz Uma das maiores dificuldades de chegar a um novo país está a aprender uma nova língua e uma nova cultura, a forma como as coisas são feitas, novas normas e ao mesmo tempo conseguir um emprego. O maior desafio para conseguir um bom emprego era de falar e entender o novo idioma. Felizmente para mim eu achei CCLS em Houston, e eu aprendi não só um novo idioma, mas dois (Inglês e Português - eu falo espanhol), que tem se refletido no meu novo trabalho e vida cotidiana. Eu recomendo as aulas no CCLS, eles têm uma metodologia muito boa, bons professores, bom diretor e são muito flexíveis com o horário. CCLS mudou a minha Vida!

    German Ortiz
    Planning & Logistics Manager
    Oxiteno USA, LLC

  • Bill PilkingtonI am so glad I took the Spanish class with Cinthya Trueba at CCLS. I thought I could get by with my Spanish, and maybe I could. But after going through just the first session, I feel much more confident.

    Bill Pilkington
    CPA Partner
    Bentley, Bratcher & Associates

  • Lisa MurcioI started taking classes at CCLS January 2015 because I was getting married in August and my new family speaks Spanish mostly and I spoke nada. I learned so much last year and really see the value of the conversational style now that I'm in these traditional classes at Rice. CCLS's program works well with my Spanish needs and learning style, and maybe it'll be a good fit for you too!

    Lisa Murcia - 2016
    Patten Law Firm

  • German Ortiz One of the biggest challenges when going to a new country is learning a new language and new culture, new way to do things, new rules and the same time look for a Job. A huge difficulty finding a good job was to learn the language. I was lucky to find CCLS in Houston and I learned not only one but two new languages (English and Portuguese – I am a Spanish speaker). This was high valued in my resume and I have found a very good job in Houston and also is reflected in my daily routine. I highly recommend classes at CCLS, they have a great staff and their methodology is simple and fun. Schedule is very flexible. CCLS changed my life!

    German Ortiz
    Planning & Logistics Manager
    Oxiteno USA, LLC

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CCLS Private Language Classes


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