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CCLS Houston is the best option for learning or perfecting their knowledge of foreign languages.
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  • Learn Spanish

    Learn Spanish

    The goal of CCLS Spanish Classes Houston is for each student to develop Spanish fluency.

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  • Learn English

    Learn English

    Our Houston Based English School offers two levels of English classes: Way Ahead (WA) and English for Professionals in General.

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  • Learn Portuguese

    Learn Portuguese

    Our graduates confidently represent their business with a natural form of speech which will build relationships with business associates and clients.

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Learn Spanish, Portuguese and English

Why us?

After researching most language schools in the area, CCLS Houston is the only language school using state-of-the-art technology showing a video as an efficient tool to present the situations in each lesson. CCLS has conquered its outstanding position in the international language education market. We are simply Houston’s Finest Brazilian Portuguese Classes. We would like to invite you to come and see for yourself.

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  • Mark H. Masters, P.E.Dear Cinthya,
    I'm writing to thank CCLS for its support of my Portuguese development goals. Frankly, I'd not expected to find a school that could accommodate my work schedule or execute a training plan that would matches my needs (advanced in some areas and rudimentary in others). I'm happy to say, thought, that from the time of my placement test, through the tailored lessons themselves, my expectations were exceeded.
    My instructor, Ms Fani was an absolute pleasure to work with. Fani designed lessons that helped me focus on writing and listening, using a mix of media and subjects that matched my interests and also the demands of my job. Each of the lessons flew by as did the course itself. I learned a lot and had fun doing.
    Having completed my first course, I spent two weeks in Brazil meeting with clients, and delivering a group presentation. My colleagues were amazed by the improvement in my communication ability since the last visit, shortly before I started working with Fani.
    Needless to say, I'm pleased with my growth.
    I would highly recommend CCLS to any executive seeking to gain or improve language skills in Portuguese and look forward to resuming my studies again once other commitments permit.
    Again, Cinthya, thank you for the support and the outstanding instruction.
    Warm Regards

    Mark H. Masters, P.E.
    Director Code Services - Latin America
    HSB Global Standards

  • Charles GoslinI enrolled in CCLS Houston to polish my rudimentary Spanish language skills for professional use. Thanks to CCLS quickly paced, focused methodology I quickly regained my confidence in speaking and comprehending Spanish.

    Charles Goslin
    CPP, CISSP, Senior Operations Advisor

    Daniel DudleyI have spent fully one-half of my time in Mexico for the last few months. It occurred to me that a THANK YOU is way overdue. The ONLY reason that I've been able to communicate effectively in Spanish in Mexico is due to the efforts of my good friend and Spanish teacher Cinthya Trueba at CCLS Houston! ¡Muchas gracias y un fuerte abrazo a Cinthya!

    Danny Lee
    Funding & Services ★ USA & Mexico

  • Daniel DudleyThe Portuguese program at CCLS is phenomenal. I have learned so much over the course of Level 1. Whenever I hear a conversation in Portuguese, I am amazed at how much I can understand. I notice my progression with the language everyday now. Thank you CCLS Houston and I look forward to continuing my study towards fluency.

    Daniel Dudley
    Geologist at Schlumberger

    Priscilla BlossomThe course has been fantastic. The teachers are incredibly patient and really explain the language in a form that is clear. The small classes make it a comfortable learning environment and have great interaction with the teachers and fellow classmates. I enjoyed my time with level 1 and look forward to continuing my Portuguese education with CCLS Houston.

    Priscilla Blossom
    Americas Credit Manager for Shell Chemical LP.

  • Ruth E. De La TorreI really enjoy my classes at CCLS! My teacher enforces an "English-only' policy in the classroom. I definitely get a lot of conversation practice as well. We focus on pronunciation and using new vocabulary. I feel like my English improved a lot with CCLS!

    Ruth E. De La Torre
    Bilingual Elementary Teacher
    Houston School District

    testimonialsDear Ms. Cinthya Trueba and all the CCLS team, I am writing to you today because I decided to share a positive experience that I had with all of you, and also with your students or future ones as well. I want to tell you all how important CCLS was in my life to achieve my goals and make my dreams come true.

    Monica Damasceno

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