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  • Learn Spanish

    Learn Spanish

    The goal is for each student to develop Spanish fluency. Graduates are able to confidently represent their business with a natural form of speech which will build relationships with business associates and clients.

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  • Learn English

    Learn English

    Our Houston Based English School offers two levels of English classes: Way Ahead (WA) and English for Professionals in General.

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  • Learn Portuguese

    Learn Portuguese

    Whether for business, travel or individual development, we focus on the construction and improvement of conversational skills. We explore the language structure as well as interesting aspects of the Brazilian culture, yielding a natural form of speech.

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Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence: looking at others by looking at ourselves.

The ancient Greek civilization had a saying that was so important to them it was written at the entrance of the great temple of Apollo. It said "γνωθι σεαυτόν", which is basically translated "know yourself". This is wise advice when researching and learning about different cultures. Take a look in the mirror and get to know yourself. It is how other cultures view you at a first glance.

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CCLS Private Language Classes


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