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  • CCLS Houston TestimonialsThe Spanish classes I am taking are very good. I’m an attorney and really need this in my line of work. The instructor (Gabby) is excellent, and she does a great job of explaining and teaching all facets of the course. The staff and administrators are very cooperative and work with my schedule and hours as well. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to learn Spanish!

    F. Cockrell
    Attorney at Law

    CCLS Houston TestimonialsI’ve been extremely happy with the CCLS Spanish Learning program. I decided to take the course for business purposes. Our teacher, Gabby is a sweetheart. She’s very professional, always smiling and keeps learning fun. I would highly recommend the CCLS program to anyone wanting or needing to learn another language.

    J. Wainwright
    Business Owner

    Learn Spanish at CCLS Houston

    CCLS Houston TestimonialsThe professors are very energetic & experienced. There's always a sense of 'fun' in the classroom. The lessons just fly by.

    Robert Sorley

    CCLS Houston TestimonialsGreat Program!! I have been in classes now for 7 weeks. I love the classes, this course makes them fun, and I am learning alot. I have already begun having basic conversations with native Spanish speakers outside of class. This is a great program. Both Cynthia and Noel (the two instructors I have had in class) are both very professional and easy to deal with when you have questions etc.

    Matthew Roman

    Michael EliasCCLS has been an ideal fit for my Spanish-learning goals. Their method is engaging and fun, and helps you to internalize the language without reliance on memorization drills. They designed a program for me that fits my schedule and maximizes my time. In a very short period of time I have seen great progress thanks to CCLS. I recommend this program highly.

    Michael Elias
    Assistant General Manager, Scouting and Player Development
    Houston Astros

    Lisa MurcioI started taking classes at CCLS January 2015 because I was getting married in August and my new family speaks Spanish mostly and I spoke nada. I learned so much last year and really see the value of the conversational style now that I'm in these traditional classes at Rice. CCLS's program works well with my Spanish needs and learning style, and maybe it'll be a good fit for you too!

    Lisa Murcia - 2016
    Patten Law Firm

    Bill PilkingtonI am so glad I took the Spanish class with Cinthya Trueba at CCLS. I thought I could get by with my Spanish, and maybe I could. But after going through just the first session, I feel much more confident.

    Bill Pilkington
    CPA Partner
    Bentley, Bratcher & Associates

    Lisa WatkinsCCLS is an excellent language school and I am learning so much so quickly! I love my teachers! I think they are very professional. Thank you very much Spanish teachers!!
    CCLS es una escuela de idiomas excelente y estoy aprendiendo mucho. Me encantan mis profesoras. Yo pienso ellas son muy profesionales. Muchas gracias profesoras de español

    Lisa Watkins - 2015
    Patten Law Firm

    Robert BrownBefore finding CCLS, I used another language training service and wish I had found CCLS earlier. I was extremely pleased with the personal instruction I got from CCLS. I had a great instructor in Tesi and I found the structure of the program to be very helpful in improving my vocabulary, grammar and reading and listening skills. I also appreciate the flexibility in scheduling as my travel schedule in very fluid. I strongly recommend CCLS to anyone who wishes to start learning a language or improve their fluency.

    Robert Brown
    Emerson Process Management

    Charles GoslinI enrolled in CCLS Houston to polish my rudimentary Spanish language skills for professional use. Thanks to CCLS quickly paced, focused methodology I quickly regained my confidence in speaking and comprehending Spanish. The program’s levels are designed to take even the most basic speaker, to advanced levels of fluency in a relatively short amount of time. Further, the flexible hours for classroom instruction worked perfectly with my schedule. I highly recommend CCLS Houston to business professionals who need to become fluent in Spanish.

    Charles Goslin
    CPP, CISSP, Senior Operations Advisor

    Daniel DudleyI have spent fully one-half of my time in Mexico for the last few months. It occurred to me that a THANK YOU is way overdue. The ONLY reason that I've been able to communicate effectively in Spanish in Mexico is due to the efforts of my good friend and Spanish teacher Cinthya Trueba at CCLS Houston! ¡Muchas gracias y un fuerte abrazo a Cinthya!

    Danny Lee
    Funding & Services ★ USA & Mexico

    Benjamin M. ButchkoCCLS has been extremely valuable in supporting the growth of my business and personal capabilities. Butchko Security Solutions had the opportunity to provide a 3-day training workshop in Mexico, yet all the instruction needed to be in Spanish.  Having limited time and Spanish language skills, I needed a training resource that was both intensive and could accommodate a difficult schedule. The CCLS concentration on spoken Spanish accented with tailored language fit to my industry made all the difference.

    In a manner of three intensive months, I progressed from elementary level Spanish to a successful training event to 80 industry professionals in Mexico.  Although my language was not perfect, I was able to express the critical and detailed training content.  The class culminated with an invitation to provide additional training next year and two other project opportunities.

    My lessons with CCLS are continuing with the ultimate goal of becoming business fluent.

    The dedication of Cinthya and her staff to my needs and their willingness to work with my schedule restrictions made all the difference.

    Benjamin M. Butchko, CPP
    President & CEO Butchko Inc.

    Raul DominguezI would like to provide a recommendation on behalf of Cinthya Trueba of the Cultural Center for Language Studies. I have had the opportunity to study Spanish under Cinthya Trueba and utilize her teaching methodologies. Cinthya uses learning tools, processes and methodologies that make it simple to learn the Spanish language because you can relate them to the every day situations that one encounters personally and the business world. I have used the one on one training from Cinthya to increase my knowledge of higher level Spanish and have validated the effectiveness of my lessons thru business interactions. Cinthya is a disciplined professional who shows passion and dedication on her work. She is also very good at focusing on the client’s needs. I highly recommend Cinthya and Cultural Center for Language Studies.

    Raul Dominguez
    Concur Technologies, Inc.

    generical-manI had an excellent experience learning Spanish at CCLS. The instructors were very accommodating to my work schedule and equipped me with the knowledge necessary to read and orally communicate with other Spanish speakers. I highly recommend this language facility. I am sure that you will have an rewarding experience just as I did.

    Richard A. Gilbert
    Administrative Law Judge

    Bruno DujardinI have been taking Spanish classes the CCLS method. Cinthya is a special teacher, one of those who in my opinion were born to be a teacher: she is very professional, dynamic and enthusiastic. She also has a lot of experience in teaching: she knows how to adapt to students and keep a two hours class fun and interactive. She exceeded all my learning expectations and my time has been very well invested in her program. Definitely one of the best language teachers I ever had. Thank you for teaching me Spanish.

    Bruno Dujardin
    Petroleum Engineer at Chevron

    BronwenI love the class and Teresa! It's some of the best money I've ever spent. I regret only being able to take class once a week. Right now, I can't think of specific things to do differently, but maybe that will change as I become more advanced.


  • CCLS Houston Testimonials I was really attracted by the unique accent reduction program offered by CCLS Houston.
    As everyone knows, having an accent or not fully understand your interlocutor leads sometimes to tricky situations.
    What I found at CCLS Houston is a high-level training with native-speaker’s instructors, very professional, rigorous but also kind at the same time: the perfect combo! Moreover, the small group class allows us to evolve confidently.
    We first reviewed how to correctly produce the basic sounds which is truly essential and we progressively moved forwards to incorporate rhythm and stress with different kind of exercises including talking, active listening, recording ourselves, etc.
    I can say that I learned a lot, improved a lot and I feel much more confident at work as well as in the everyday life situations! For this reason, I highly recommend this program and CCLS Houston in general.

    Maite Meseure
    Software Engineer at Guardian Research Network

    CCLS Houston TestimonialsThanks for recommendation- couldn't be happier.
    Instructors at CCLS are excellent. Class is small. Dynamic format, 2 hours, twice a week. Very pleased with this investment.

    Carmen C.

    CCLS Houston TestimonialsI have two weeks taking English classes at CCLS Houston and I'm very excited for the weeks to come! Our teacher Paula is amazing; we develop English conversations, she correct us at any time that is needed and the classes are very student focus because it's a small group.

    Irene G.

    Lourdes NievesMy name is César Sevilla, and I decided to study English because I wanted to improve my communication skills in everyday life. Even after I had studied English in Mexico, I was not totally confident when I had to talk to someone or when I had to take a phone call. But since the first week of English lessons I took at CCLS, I realized I was more confident when I was talking to people. I have met a lot of people since I took this course and I´m totally satisfied with the results. I believe that choosing CCLS to study English in Houston was the best decision I could have made. I liked the teaching method they have a lot, and I could set the schedule that best fit my needs. Besides, all the staff are great, they are so kind, helpful and friendly.
    Thank you Cinthya, Patricia and Layla for your outstanding job.

    César Sevilla

    Lourdes NievesIt's been an amazing and interesting experience so far, they are good at listening and paying attention to your specified area of needs. My English tutor (Layla) has been wonderful and quiet patient. In a nutshell, I must say I am deriving maximum satisfaction from my investment.

    Nelly Iriri

    German Ortiz One of the biggest challenges when going to a new country is learning a new language and new culture, new way to do things, new rules and the same time look for a Job. A huge difficulty finding a good job was to learn the language. I was lucky to find CCLS in Houston and I learned not only one but two new languages (English and Portuguese – I am a Spanish speaker). This was high valued in my resume and I have found a very good job in Houston and also is reflected in my daily routine. I highly recommend classes at CCLS, they have a great staff and their methodology is simple and fun. Schedule is very flexible. CCLS changed my life!
    Una de las dificultades más grandes de llegar a un nuevo país es aprender un nuevo idioma y una nueva cultura, la manera como se hacen las cosas, nuevas normas y al mismo tiempo conseguir un empleo. El reto más grande para conseguir un buen empleo fue hablar y entender el nuevo idioma. Afortunadamente para mi encontré a CCLS en Houston y he aprendido no solo un nuevo idioma sino dos (Ingles y Portugués – yo soy hispano), lo cual se ha visto reflejado en mi nuevo trabajo y en el día a día. Súper recomiendo tomar clases en CCLS ya que tienen una metodología muy buena, buenos profesores, buena directora y son muy flexibles con el horario. CCLS cambio mi vida!

    German Ortiz
    Planning & Logistics Manager
    Oxiteno USA, LLC

    Lourdes NievesFinding CCLS Houston has been one of the best things that ever happened to me since I moved to Houston. Actually I am taking the “Accent Reduction and Conversation” class. It has been a wonderful experience for me personally and professionally. Even when I speak English I always found hard to communicate effectively because of my accent. Those days are over!

    Lourdes Nieves

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    Yurima Falcon-GraceIt is a pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation for CCLS Houston. The content and delivery of their language programs exceed my expectations. Taking the “Accent Reduction and Conversation” classes at CCLS Houston was such positive experience for me.

    Yurima Falcon-Grace
    Oil & Gas Foreign Legal Advisor

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    Hiroaki OmoriI've been doing well with Brittany.
    She is real professional English teacher.
    Her teaching method is excellent. I've not met with such an excellent English teacher before, in my past learning experience.

    "Well prepared", "Observing carefully" and "Clear feedback"
    After all, I appreciate that she gives me a chance to speak a lot.
    So, I can follow her teaching style by "PULL", not "PUSH".

    It is true that very nice people will come and gather around a nice person.
    You know ? Because Cinthya is really nice!!.

    I wish I could communicate well with a lot of people in Houston, through Brittany's excellent teaching English

    Hiroaki Omori
    Director Project Excellence
    JGC America, Inc

    Ruth E. De La TorreI really enjoy my classes at CCLS! My teacher enforces an "English-only' policy in the classroom. I definitely get a lot of conversation practice as well. We focus on pronunciation and using new vocabulary. I feel like my English improved a lot with CCLS!

    Ruth E. De La Torre
    Bilingual Elementary Teacher
    Houston School District

    testimonialsDear Ms. Cinthya Trueba and all the CCLS team, I am writing to you today because I decided to share a positive experience that I had with all of you, and also with your students or future ones as well. I want to tell you all how important CCLS was in my life to achieve my goals and make my dreams come true.

    Monica Damasceno

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    Polo BecerraI would like to recommend the services of the Cultural Center for Language Studies Houston. Ms. Trueba, the president, is the consummate professional and has trained the best language teachers in the Houston area delivering the best education and training available.

    Polo Becerra
    Owner - Post Oak Grill Restaurant

  • Learn Portuguese at CCLS HoustonThe course has been great! I can now speak Portuguese and I feel that I have learned a lot about Brazil (besides my trips going there). The teachers have been great! You have done a good job hiring them! Thanks!

    Mirna Robles

    Jerome Raffaelli Truly professionals, dedicated to make you achieve your goals! I had to go away for business and was proposed to catch up on evenings or even week ends. Really accommodating!

    Jerome Raffaelli
    President at STAT Marine

    German Ortiz One of the biggest challenges when going to a new country is learning a new language and new culture, new way to do things, new rules and the same time look for a Job. A huge difficulty finding a good job was to learn the language. I was lucky to find CCLS in Houston and I learned not only one but two new languages (English and Portuguese – I am a Spanish speaker). This was high valued in my resume and I have found a very good job in Houston and also is reflected in my daily routine. I highly recommend classes at CCLS, they have a great staff and their methodology is simple and fun. Schedule is very flexible. CCLS changed my life!
    Uma das maiores dificuldades de chegar a um novo país está a aprender uma nova língua e uma nova cultura, a forma como as coisas são feitas, novas normas e ao mesmo tempo conseguir um emprego. O maior desafio para conseguir um bom emprego era de falar e entender o novo idioma. Felizmente para mim eu achei CCLS em Houston, e eu aprendi não só um novo idioma, mas dois (Inglês e Português - eu falo espanhol), que tem se refletido no meu novo trabalho e vida cotidiana. Eu recomendo as aulas no CCLS, eles têm uma metodologia muito boa, bons professores, bom diretor e são muito flexíveis com o horário. CCLS mudou a minha Vida!

    German Ortiz
    Planning & Logistics Manager
    Oxiteno USA, LLC

    Mark H. Masters, P.E.Dear Cinthya,
    I'm writing to thank CCLS for its support of my Portuguese development goals. Frankly, I'd not expected to find a school that could accommodate my work schedule or execute a training plan that would matches my needs (advanced in some areas and rudimentary in others). I'm happy to say, thought, that from the time of my placement test, through the tailored lessons themselves, my expectations were exceeded.
    My instructor, Ms Fani was an absolute pleasure to work with. Fani designed lessons that helped me focus on writing and listening, using a mix of media and subjects that matched my interests and also the demands of my job. Each of the lessons flew by as did the course itself. I learned a lot and had fun doing.
    Having completed my first course, I spent two weeks in Brazil meeting with clients, and delivering a group presentation. My colleagues were amazed by the improvement in my communication ability since the last visit, shortly before I started working with Fani.
    Needless to say, I'm pleased with my growth.
    I would highly recommend CCLS to any executive seeking to gain or improve language skills in Portuguese and look forward to resuming my studies again once other commitments permit.
    Again, Cinthya, thank you for the support and the outstanding instruction.
    Warm Regards

    Mark H. Masters, P.E.
    Director Code Services - Latin America
    HSB Global Standards

    Daniel DudleyThe Portuguese program at CCLS is phenomenal. I have learned so much over the course of Level 1. Whenever I hear a conversation in Portuguese, I am amazed at how much I can understand. I notice my progression with the language everyday now. Thank you CCLS Houston and I look forward to continuing my study towards fluency.

    Daniel Dudley
    Geologist at Schlumberger

    Juanita RozoI decided to take an intensive Portuguese language program, because I needed proficiency in the language to help business growth in Brazil for my company. The level of professionalism and expertise from CCLS Houston teachers was focused on personalized sessions that helped me accomplish my goal of communicating capably, providing engineering training and participating as presenter in an Oil & Gas conference in Brazil!
    Thanks to my teacher, Glaydon and Cinthya Trueba for all the support and flexibility during this learning experience!

    Juanita Rozo
    Technical Service Engineer at INEOS

    Priscilla BlossomThe course has been fantastic. The teachers are incredibly patient and really explain the language in a form that is clear. The small classes make it a comfortable learning environment and have great interaction with the teachers and fellow classmates. I enjoyed my time with level 1 and look forward to continuing my Portuguese education with CCLS Houston.

    Priscilla Blossom
    Americas Credit Manager for Shell Chemical LP.

    Mazen AI found the Survival Portuguese course to be an effective and fun way to quickly develop a foundation in Portuguese. Glaydon is a great instructor, and holds a very interactive class. In addition to practical Portuguese for a trip to Brazil, Glaydon taught about Brazilian culture, traditions, music, and much more… Highly recommended. I will be taking more Portuguese classes at CCLS Houston.

    Mazen A

    rafael dugarteGreat School, Great Location, everything is here, the way how the teacher push you to learn, How an small group philosophy work, the learning curve you will have is amazing, it will make improve your new skill to the limit.
    Highly recommended.

    Rafael Dugarte

    J. Alejandro RamirezI think CCLS HOUSTON is a great school to learn any type of language that they offer. Small group classes, very well prepared teachers, high quality material and excellent working environment make a big difference in your learning process. I just finished with Portuguese level 1 out of 7 levels and I feel like I have learned a lot. I think you learn fast because they teach you based on your needs. Definitely thumbs up for CCLS Houston.

    J. Alejandro Ramirez
    Engineer at Subsea Wellhead Systems

Learn Spanish at CCLS Houston

Learn Spanish at CCLS Houston

Learn English at CCLS Houston

Learn Spanish at CCLS Houston

Learn Spanish at CCLS Houston

Learn Spanish at CCLS Houston