About us

CCLS is a Brazilian language school with 50 years of involvement in the research and development of materials used in the teaching of English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It is present in over 850 schools throughout the world, including England, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Korea, Portugal, and the USA. Our corporate office in the USA has been located in Miami, FL since 1991.

CCLS Houston is the best option for those who are learning or perfecting their knowledge of foreign languages. With our unique methodology, students are able to learn at a faster pace. Learning becomes more interesting and effective.

Each course includes vocabulary, pronunciation, oral comprehension and grammar, with an emphasis in conversation. Students daily participate in a variety of activities which allow them to think and speak in the language they are learning, avoiding translations. CCLS Houston uses the latest in multimedia technology, and with its dynamic interactive methodology students communicate in the target language on the first day of classes.

What makes us unique? After researching most language schools in the area, CCLS Houston is the only language school using state-of-the-art technology showing a video as an efficient tool to present the situations in each lesson. CCLS has conquered its outstanding position in the international language education market with a solid base and infrastructure designed to meet the different needs of those who are learning or perfecting their knowledge of foreign languages.

All our instructors are highly qualified, trained, and certified by CCLS.

CCLS- Houston BBB Business Review