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Learn Portuguese at the CCLS Brazilian Portuguese Language School of Houston

The goal of CCLS Portuguese Language School Houston is for each student to develop fluency in Portuguese. Through the interactive approach of CCLS Portuguese Language School Houston, graduates confidently represent their business with a natural form of speech, which will build relationships with business associates and clients.

All classes utilize an interactive approach to enhance fluency in Portuguese in each student. Teacher interaction incorporates proven techniques to reinforce classroom and multimedia instructions, such as role-play, storytelling, information transfer, games, reports, problem-solving, interviews, and discussions. Learning materials provided by CCLS include workbook and culture-related texts.

CCLS Language School Houston teaches the Brazilian Portuguese, which is a set of dialects of the Portuguese language used mostly in Brazil. Portuguese is the predominant language of South America. Upon completion of the seven levels of instruction at CCLS Language School Houston, basic to advanced, students are tested for competency to communicate accurately and effectively in Brazilian Portuguese to ensure the best results in social and business interactions.

APPROACH: Communicative. Grammar is used to aid in the development of communication skills.

PLANNING: The planning of the course is based in the "Novo Avenida Brasil 1" book, the cultural aspects (interpersonal interaction, politics, economy, music, arts, etc.) involved in learning Portuguese from Brazil and the students’ needs and interests. The main objective of the course is to enable students to communicate appropriately in social and general business situations with correct pronunciation and grammar. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing is part of the integrative program. Phonetic training and self-monitoring play an important role in the course.

TECHNIQUES: Small classes enable interaction between teacher and student(s), and pair work for student-student interaction. Tasks and activities in the classroom range from highly guided exercises (answering questions from a text) to very communicative (saying why one liked or disliked something). Some techniques used are role-playing, brainstorming, storytelling, information transfer, games, reports, problem-solving, interviews, and discussions.

MATERIALS: Bem-Vindo” activity book, CDs, and culture related texts. These materials are authentic, provided by CCLS.

TEACHING STAFF: All CCLS instructors are qualified and experienced teachers certified by CCLS.

EVALUATION: Students’ and teachers’ performances are periodically evaluated. Students take oral and written evaluations throughout the course in the form of exercises. The evaluations are mainly diagnostic and indicate strengths and weaknesses. They also identify areas in need of improvement.

COURSE DURATION: There are seven levels of instruction, from basic to advanced. Each level takes approximately 50 hours for English speakers; for speakers of Romance languages, the improvement could be faster. For optimal results, we strongly recommend classes take place at least twice a week for at least 100 minutes each.

COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE: At the end of the course, the students should be able to communicate effectively and accurately in Portuguese. They will have learned enough language functions to be able to participate in social and business interactions with Portuguese speakers.

What do our clients think of this program?

  • German Ortiz
    One of the biggest challenges when going to a new country is learning a new language and new culture, new way to do things, new rules and the same time look for a Job. A huge difficulty finding a good job was to learn the language. I was lucky to find CCLS in Houston and I learned not only one but two new languages (English and Portuguese – I am a Spanish speaker). This was high valued in my resume and I have found a very good job in Houston and also is reflected in my daily routine. I highly recommend classes at CCLS, they have a great staff and their methodology is simple and fun. Schedule is very flexible. CCLS changed my life! Uma das maiores dificuldades de chegar a um novo país está a aprender uma nova língua e uma nova cultura, a forma como as coisas são feitas, novas normas e ao mesmo tempo conseguir um emprego. O maior desafio para conseguir um bom emprego era de falar e entender o novo idioma. Felizmente para mim eu achei CCLS em Houston, e eu aprendi não só um novo idioma, mas dois (Inglês e Português - eu falo espanhol), que tem se refletido no meu novo trabalho e vida cotidiana. Eu recomendo as aulas no CCLS, eles têm uma metodologia muito boa, bons professores, bom diretor e são muito flexíveis com o horário. CCLS mudou a minha Vida!

    German Ortiz
    Planning & Logistics Manager Oxiteno USA, LLC

  • Mark H. Masters
    Dear Cinthya,
    I'm writing to thank CCLS for its support of my Portuguese development goals. Frankly, I'd not expected to find a school that could accommodate my work schedule or execute a training plan that would matches my needs (advanced in some areas and rudimentary in others). I'm happy to say, thought, that from the time of my placement test, through the tailored lessons themselves, my expectations were exceeded.
    My instructor, Ms Fani was an absolute pleasure to work with. Fani designed lessons that helped me focus on writing and listening, using a mix of media and subjects that matched my interests and also the demands of my job. Each of the lessons flew by as did the course itself. I learned a lot and had fun doing.
    Having completed my first course, I spent two weeks in Brazil meeting with clients, and delivering a group presentation. My colleagues were amazed by the improvement in my communication ability since the last visit, shortly before I started working with Fani.
    Needless to say, I'm pleased with my growth.
    I would highly recommend CCLS to any executive seeking to gain or improve language skills in Portuguese and look forward to resuming my studies again once other commitments permit.
    Again, Cinthya, thank you for the support and the outstanding instruction.
    Warm Regards

    Mark H. Masters, P.E.
    Director Code Services - Latin America
    HSB Global Standards

  • Juanita Rozo
    I decided to take an intensive Portuguese language program, because I needed proficiency in the language to help business growth in Brazil for my company. The level of professionalism and expertise from CCLS Houston teachers was focused on personalized sessions that helped me accomplish my goal of communicating capably, providing engineering training and participating as presenter in an Oil & Gas conference in Brazil!
    Thanks to my teacher, Glaydon and Cinthya Trueba for all the support and flexibility during this learning experience!

    Juanita Rozo
    Technical Service Engineer at INEOS

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