English Classes in Houston


WAY AHEAD ORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION COURSE SERIES (WA-OWCC) - The Way Ahead series is a nine-level English language course specially designed to meet the needs of adults and mature teenagers (ages 16 and up).

The Way Ahead (WA) series places a premium on speaking and listening skills through total student involvement in class activities. Teaching tools include authentic materials such as cartoons, newspaper and magazine clippings, American TV commercials and clips featuring informal and formal forms of the English language. Students practice natural conversation in situations reflecting the daily life of adults in the USA. Reading and writing skills are developed through class interactions and regular homework exercises.

Immersive English Class in Houston

English classes include teacher-student and student-student interaction. Tasks and activities in the classroom range from guided exercises (asking and answering questions from a text or video), communicative activities (role-play, reports, speech) to special video action drills (dialogues and phonological exercises which help students overcome pronunciation errors and reinforce the material presented in class).

English Lesson - Breakdown

Each level of the WA series contains 12 lessons.

The WA series is divided is three subtitles:
Way Ahead Getting Started – 3 basic levels
Way Ahead On The Move – 3 intermediate levels Way Ahead To The Top – 3 advanced levels

Suggested program duration: 48 hours per level of instruction.

English School Houston - Materials

WA materials consists of:

  • English Textbook (TB)
  • English CALL workbook with CD (CW)
  • English Listening Comprehension Practice Book (LCP)
  • More Oral Practice CD (MOP) - optional

Teacher’s material

  • Lesson Plan Book (LP)
  • DVD’s


  • Midterm - listening comprehension and written tests, with correction keys
  • Final - listening comprehension, written and oral tests, with correction keys