Accent Reduction

Program Description

We work on improving areas of pronunciation that affect comprehension; that is, areas that make it difficult for native speakers to understand you. Our goal is to bring you as close as possible to sounding as an American English speaker.

In our Accent Reduction classes, you will receive clear and effective techniques from experienced teachers and participate in a variety of interesting accent reduction activities. A combination of pronunciation, syntactic, and intonation skills. The Accent Reduction teacher will also provide plenty of feedback to help you sound more like as an America English speaker.

CCLS Houston Accent Reduction programs:

1. Private / Semi-private classes: Our experienced and certified teachers work one-on-one specifically on your target accent issues. For the In-person approach you can either come to us at CCLS or take the classes within your company. Online sessions are also available through Zoom.

2. Group classes (up to 6 students): Our group classes emphasize teacher-student and student-student interaction in a more program-oriented mode. Nonetheless, Intelligibility and communicative effectiveness keep focusing on your confidence, ease, and spontaneity in communication.


After our Four-level program completion, AR attendees will have softened mother-tongue interference in their English-speaking words and will permanently be neutralizing accent to enhance their overall communication in their everyday and professional lives. Conveying self-confidence in their staff meetings with clear and natural speech, better networking and negotiation skills, and Leadership opportunities English-speaking professionals seek nowadays.

Level 1

  • • American English Vowel Sounds
  • • Initial Aspirated Consonants (p, t, k, hard c)
  • • Basic Linking and Reduction
  • • Schwa
  • • Ear Training I

Duration: 30 hours of instruction.

Level 2

  • • Difficult Vowel Contrasts
  • • Voicing and Syllable Length
  • • Voiced vs. Voiceless Consonants
  • • Ed-ending Pronunciation
  • • Content vs. Function Words
  • • Ear Training II

Duration: 30 hours of instruction.

Level 3

  • • Voiced vs. Voiceless Word Endings
  • • Difficult Consonant Blends
  • • Pronunciations of T
  • • Hearing/Recognizing Intonation Patterns
  • • Ear Training III

Duration: 30 hours of instruction.

Level 4

  • • Thought Groups and Focus Words
  • • Imitating Intonation Patterns
  • • Targeted Review of Difficult Sounds
  • • Pace (rates of speaking speed)
  • • Advanced Dialogues and Role Play
  • • Student Presentations
  • • Review of Difficulties in Speech

Duration: 30 hours of instruction.

What do our clients think about Accent Reduction Program?

  • Lourdes Nieves
    Finding CCLS Houston has been one of the best things that ever happened to me since I moved to Houston. Actually I am taking the “Accent Reduction and Conversation” class. It has been a wonderful experience for me personally and professionally. Even when I speak English I always found hard to communicate effectively because of my accent. Those days are over!

    Lourdes Nieves

  • Sorin Ghervan
    Hello Ms Carol,
    "Thank you for making this accent reduction class available. Carol is brilliant and she is the best teacher one can get in this field. Her presentation and teaching style was the most exciting and informative that I have ever seen. One of those amazing experiences that in the future I will look back and remember with appreciation.

    Sorin Ghervan

  • Kana Watanabe
    I highly recommend CCLS Houston for ESL students!! There're many FREE ESL classes in Houston but if you want to improve your English skill, it's better to go to a language school like CCLS Houston. I’ve taken an “ENGLISH IN GENERAL” course for three months. My teacher loves English language, so he teaches me not only about in textbooks but also something that I want to know during my daily life. All CCLS Houston staff are kind and courteous to students. Facilities are not so large but it makes me feel like I’m at home. They held a wonderful Christmas party and it’s a good opportunity for me to speak English with other students and teachers.

    Kana Watanabe

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