Comunicación Avanzada

Comunicación Avanzada offers a bridge from an Upper Intermediate to Advanced Spanish level. The goal is to provide the student with:

  • a) an expanded view of the Spanish language and culture with much practice in speaking and listening
  • b) and in-depth review of the grammatical concepts studied previously so students can master standard forms of the Spanish language. The practical use of every-day language is emphasized.

The course is divided in two levels. Each level incorporates five thematic units or chapters with extensive practice through the following sub sections:

  • Diálogo para hablar del tema – A dialogue for students to listen to, discuss, and use in practicing new vocabulary, language structures, and idiomatic expressions.
  • Estructuras y práctica – An extensive practice of grammatical concepts from the direct and indirect complements to the subjunctive verb form, with lots of exercises to internalize all concepts.
  • Viñetas culturales – Short passages that address cultural, historical, and geographical issues and allow for comparisons, written, and conversational practice.
  • Conversemos – A section where students have the opportunity to role play, act out, and/or hold round tables.
  • Lectura periodística – Newspaper articles about contemporary issues for students to discuss and write about.

The teacher may add readings of short works of literature to the above sections, according to the students’ interest. YouTube videos will be available related to the themes for in-class or independent listening. A comprehensive review in test format will be given at the end of every two chapters. A textbook is required with the course.

Course Duration

Comunicación Avanzada is comprised of two levels of instruction. The standard level completion time is 60 contact hours, taught in 30 sessions of three hours each. The one-on-one or semi-private program suits depending on individual needs and the level of each student, with a flexible monthly schedule upon students and teachers’ availability.