Business Skills Seminars

CCLS Houston’s Business Skills Development Division

CCLS Houston now offers an exceptional Business Skills Training curriculum. Participants will gain valuable skills through relevant training in each of these seminars:

  • Essential Business Skills Training Seminar
  • Essential ESL Business Skills Training Seminar
  • Writing for Business Basics
  • Customer Service Excellence Training Seminar
  • Sales Excellence Training Seminar
  • Meetings that Matter Training Seminar
  • Working your Network Training Seminar
  • Essentials of Business Etiquette Training Seminar
  • Fundamentals for Public Speaking and Presentations Traning Seminar

Corporate employees or individuals have the opportunity to increase their business acumen and boost their confidence with relevant, skill-based training. CCLS Houston’s training is effective because we offer theory followed with oral and written practice, including role-playing and group interaction, guarantying results. Our Business Skills Training is conducted by highly skilled facilitators and includes reference materials and a guarantee that learning outcomes will be achieved. Students may build or become part of a more knowledgeable, motivated, and professionally skilled team. Let us help you grow your staff and your business.

Writing for Business Basics

This interactive workshop trains participants in all aspects of business writing. Participants will become skilled at using proper writing techniques by understanding the characteristics of effective business writing. Instruction focuses on writing for impact, writing persuasively, and writing documents that are clear and concise are the focus of instruction. The training also examines the appropriate way to address complaints, apologize, and make requests. Special attention is paid to corresponding via email and editing one’s work.

Essential ESL Business Skills Training Seminar

This workshop prepares participants to communicate with confidence in all aspects of business communications. Participants will become skilled and confident at expressing ideas orally clearly and concisely. Special focus is on using the appropriate tone and correct grammar as well as increasing vocabulary. This workshop examines the most suitable way to greet people, make requests, ask for assistance, take messages, make appointments, apologize for mistakes, and more. An optional workshop on Accent Reduction can be included in this training.

Customer Service Excellence Training Seminar

This interactive workshop teaches participants how to offer exceptional service to internal and external customers. Participants become skilled in all aspects of providing exceptional customer service, including building rapport, positive first impressions, the four phases of customer service experience, managing difficult customers, and complaint resolution. Participants become proficient at daily interactions with customers and learn the secret to turning a customer into a business advocate.

Sales Excellence Training Seminar

This interactive workshop turns the average sales associate into a top sales performer. By understanding the buying cycle, participants learn to anticipate their customer’s needs, quality, and the art of under-promising and over-delivering. Participants learn the six steps of selling to increase their closing ratio and your business’s bottom line. Attention is paid to closing the sale and asking for referrals.

Public Speaking and Presentations Training Seminar

This interactive workshop gives participants the skills and practice necessary to speak confidently in front of an audience and deliver powerful presentations that will be remembered. This workshop is a must for anyone wanting to learn how to convey information effectively, overcome stage fright, and deliver presentations with impact. All participants are required to practice the skills learned by delivering a presentation where feedback is given to assist participants in recognizing their strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

Meetings that Matter Training Seminar

This interactive workshop teaches participants how to contribute to and lead highly productive meetings. The instructor focuses on the skills required to plan, participate, and chair meetings effectively. Participants will also learn to record meeting minutes accurately and follow up on assigned actions. Upon completion of the training, employees will have the ability to participant in and conduct meetings that are efficient and promote action.

Working your Network Training Seminar

This interactive workshop is based on the idea that it is not who you are; it is who you know. Participants learn the skills to network effectively and grow business through confident interactions with others. We explore the most effective ways to network in Houston, the importance of a memorable elevator pitch, and how to make connections with people that expand opportunities.

Essentials of Business Etiquette Training Seminar

This interactive training workshop is a must for those wanting a competitive edge on how to interact and communicate positively and graciously with individuals from all walks of life. In this workshop, participants learn the correct protocol and manners to apply in a variety of business settings. Special attention is paid to email etiquette, cultural understanding, and the dos and don’ts of etiquette in business.

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More than 50 years of experience
Focus on conversation and comprehension
Small groups and native instructors
Emphasis on business dialogue, vocabulary and situations
Dynamic and interactive instructional style
Friendly and very effective learning process

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