Spanish for Business

Spanish for Business course is designed to be highly practical, a concise, well-organized course for lower-intermediate students, who want to improve their speaking skills in Spanish for business purposes.

This course increases vocabulary and teaches speaking skills for practice in professional environments. The instructor uses practical tools for improving cross-cultural communication; the course also helps students recognize and employ the appropriate register for negotiating successfully in Spanish.

Besides, students learn about business management, human resources, banking, funding and investment, and the future of business. Each of the twelve chapters includes vocabulary, phrases, application exercises, and expansion activity.

The textbook used in this course is organized into twelve chapters, each of which presents a specific business-related topic as the context for language acquisition. These topics include globalization and the Hispanic world, companies in Latin America and Spain, the company assets, entering international markets, and the production of goods and services. Each chapter also weaves in information about the countries in Latin America, providing students with a valuable overview of the region.

COURSE DURATION: Group classes meet twice a week for a total of 60 hours taught in 30 sessions of two-hours each. The one-on-one or semi-private program suits depending on individual needs and the level of each student, with a flexible monthly schedule upon students and teachers’ availability.

Spanish for Business has been developed for students who want to be conversant in the Spanish language used in the business world. It is helpful if the student arrives with an intermediate Spanish level of grammar and vocabulary.

The main goals of this course are to:

  • Enable students to expand the Spanish vocabulary used in the real world at work.
  • Learn and review grammatical concepts that ensure the use of Standard Spanish.
  • Emphasize communicative use of the language in different occupational areas.

Each lesson focuses on a theme related to the world of business; for example, interviews, finance, global commerce, technology, to name a few. Classroom activities include listening, speaking, reading, and writing in order to practice correct syntactic structures, idioms, and usage. YouTube videos will be available, related to the themes, for in-class work or independent listening. There are two comprehensive reviews, in the middle and at the end of the course. A textbook is required with this course.