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Basic to High Intermediate Level Lessons

Learn to speak Spanish with fluency, accuracy, and confidence!

The CCLS Houston Spanish Program offers:

■ Private or small-group Spanish classes: Students will work closely with our experienced Spanish instructors in one-on-one settings or groups of three to six students.

■ Individualized learning: Our instructors will adjust the syllabus and class activities to the specific level and language learning needs of each student. Instructors will focus on specific dialects of Spanish-speaking countries based on student needs.

■ Interactive classrooms: Students will have opportunities to practice their Spanish interactions in a variety of situations that reflect authentic, real-life settings.

■ Knowledge of authentic Spanish: Students will complete the program with an improved understanding of Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, as well as the skills to navigate everyday interactions in Spanish with confidence and fluency.

The CCLS Houston Method

With the help of the CCLS Interactive Program, students will develop and improve their proficiency in all four areas of language use: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our Spanish lessons feature a variety of authentic audio, video, and print materials, as well as a heavy focus on classroom interaction.

Our CCLS Interactive Spanish Program is specifically designed to meet the language learning needs of adult and young adult learners. At CCLS Houston, we place a premium on Spanish speaking and listening skills, which students will learn through continuous involvement in interactive class activities, while homework activities will be geared towards the improvement of reading and writing skills in Spanish. Teaching tools include authentic materials such as newspaper and magazine clippings, TV clips, and music videos. Students will experience and learn about both formal and informal use of Spanish and will build conversational skills that reflect real-life, everyday situations.

The CCLS Program focuses primarily on teacher-student and peer interaction. Tasks and activities in the classroom include communicative activities (role-play, question-and-answer, the practice of natural speech, etc.), instructor-guided activities (reading comprehension questions, pronunciation practice, etc.), and exercises to learn and internalize specific Spanish vocabulary and grammar structures. Instructors introduce and explain grammar rules and usage in ways that non-native speakers can easily understand. Students become familiar with the natural dialects of different Spanish-speaking countries through situational dialogues that will serve as a basis for interactive classroom work.

We believe that our interactive, utterly immersive approach to learning Spanish maximizes student learning and creates an engaging classroom environment. We provide the highest quality Spanish classes Houston has to offer.

Course Duration

The CCLS Spanish Program series is comprised of seven levels of instruction, ranging from Basic to High Intermediate. Our CCLS Placement Test will determine the correct level for you. Standard level completion time is 50 hours, taught in 25 sessions of two hours each. The actual program duration will vary depending on the individual needs and level of each student, as well as the group's size and pace.

The CCLS Spanish Program series will enable students to

  • Communicate in Spanish in a variety of social and professional situations;
  • Understand general spelling and pronunciation rules, including some differences between the dialects of Spanish-speaking countries;
  • Confidently speak on the phone and take part in meetings, lectures, or job training in Spanish;
  • Represent themselves, their services, or their business to Spanish-speaking business associates or clients with confidence;
  • Read Spanish-language newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.;
  • Better understand cultural differences between the US and Spanish-speaking countries.

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What do our clients think of this program?

  • Aubrey
    My experience with CCLS Houston has been extremely positive. I joined in Level 1 – Spanish in August 2020 and feel that my Spanish speaking and understanding has improved immensely. I was hesitant about the methodology because the program requires you start listening to speak on day 1 rather than reading to speak. However, I believe this methodology has been the key to my growth so far. I am always surprised at my ability to hear a phrase, be completely lost at the speed, or meaning of the phrase, listen to the teacher’s explanation, and then be able to repeat it back without reading or writing. All my teachers have been pleasant and extremely patient throughout my experience. Lastly, the CCLS staff are very flexible and accommodating when it comes to the course.


  • Bruno Dujardin
    I have been taking Spanish classes the CCLS method. Cinthya is a special teacher, one of those who in my opinion were born to be a teacher: she is very professional, dynamic and enthusiastic. She also has a lot of experience in teaching: she knows how to adapt to students and keep a two hours class fun and interactive. She exceeded all my learning expectations and my time has been very well invested in her program. Definitely one of the best language teachers I ever had. Thank you for teaching me Spanish.

    Bruno Dujardin
    Petroleum Engineer at Chevron

  • Barbara and Scott
    Six weeks ago Scott and I began taking Spanish class two times a week and we can confidently say we are making progress. I started with minimal Spanish comprehension and Scott without any at all. What an adventure! Amparo is an excellent instructor and has patiently taught us through basic scenarios to repeat conversations in Spanish and low and behold we are getting it. The program at CCLS Houston has been seamless, friendly and an encouraging environment that helps us work through our awkwardness to become fluent in Spanish

    Barbara and Scott Ingram

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