Giannella is a native Spanish speaker from Lima, Peru. She graduated as an architect at Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, where she also taught design subjects as an assistant teacher. Upon arriving in California, 20 years ago, she practiced as an architectural designer and later moved to Texas where she is raising her family. She studied pedagogy to teach Spanish as a second language and started working as a language instructor, first teaching to her A&E colleagues, then to adult students from other professions.

During her 15 years of teaching experience, she has taught all levels of proficiency, as well as every age group (school age children, college students, adults and seniors) focusing the last 6 years on guiding adult learners through the process of learning Spanish. She teaches in a traditional classroom setting, at their own location and through virtual sessions with the confidence that she can provide relevant content instruction while maintaining her students engaged and interested in the class.

She enjoys sharing her beautiful language and the Hispanic culture by relating to the student from her journey as a second language learner herself (English and Italian), knowing firsthand the effort involved and steps needed to acquire the ability to communicate in meaningful and appropriate ways in a second language.