María José

Maria Jose is a European instructor who has developed a solid passion for teaching in recent years. She is a stress-free teacher that portrays calmness in her class and inspires students to thrive with passion and compassion in their day-to-day challenging goals. Pouring out her knowledge, she feels, is a seed she drops to improve her student’s future and hers.

She holds a BS degree in Biology, a M.D. in Environmental Engineering Management, and a Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude which qualifies her as a High School Science teacher anywhere in Spain. While in her country, Spain, she worked supervising projects performance in compliance with Quality and Environmental regulations. She trained numerous employees and provided recurrent assistance to staff, auditors, and colleagues as needed. However, moving to Houston and learning another language reassured her drive to permanently dedicate herself to teaching and mentoring students in their Spanish needs.

She is committed to improving her teaching skills and is currently enrolled in a Coaching Certification to be accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). However, her professional and linguistic competence have already been the key to her successful early teaching years!