Benefits of being bilingual

Benefits of being bilingual

Surely you have been encouraged to learn another language, but the arguments does not seem too convincing or don’t make you believe that it is really necessary. Next we’ll share you some benefits of studying another language, so you can’t resist to try it.

Neuronal benefits: Studies show that bilingual persons have developed more abilities in problem solving, arithmetic and creative thinking, this is because their brains have to be alert to switch between a language and the other. It was also detected that they have a bigger selective attention, that is, the capacity to focus attention to the important stuff and let go the ones that are not so relevant.

Also, other research determined that being able to dominate of a second language helps to regulate the emotions and to improve decision making, this is because non native language has a lower emotional charge, so it is easier to separate the emotion from the reason and therefore resolve the conflict in the best way.

Professional benefits: the more qualified you are, the more growing opportunities you will have and so it will be easier for you to get labor stability. If among your career plans is to being part of a multinational company, is elemental that you can be able to perform professionally in another language so you’ll have doors open to several country options. So, start now to learn the language of the country that you like the most!

Social and cultural benefits: when you take language lessons you’ll be able to meet and interact with other persons with different ages, jobs and tastes, it also could enhance your group of Friends or even help you to get more professional contacts because you never know who will be sit next to you in the classroom.

Finally, traveling can be one of the most wonderful experiences, but sometimes the “language barrier” can stop you, don’t let that happen to you, if you get to learn another language it will be easier for you to communicate in other countries and to know more deeply their culture as you are able to interact freely with native people. Another benefit is to access to literary pieces in their original language or read the news and web sites of that country without the help of google translator that is not 100% trustworthy yet.