Tips to Learning English Fast

Tips to Learning English Fast

Four tips to accelerate your English language learning process

In today's world, most people think everything done faster is better - fast food, fast communication, fast transportation, fast learning is how we live. However, everything is not meant to be done fast like the process of language learning, but realistically, you probably want an accelerated language learning process.

English is a highly complex language, especially if your native tongue is unfamiliar with a western world language. The English language introduces new rules and new words, and new pronunciation. If applied with the right tools and mindset, learning English can be done efficiently and accurately at a faster pace.

Four tips to accelerate your English language learning process

Here are four tips to learning English faster:

1. Listen to a lot of English.
Listening to others use the vocabulary and pronunciation of the language you desire to learn is a fast way to pick up on a language. Because of the internet we have access to a million freeways to pick a topic and hear it discussed in English. Podcasts, webinars, YouTube channels, movies, music, etc. - the internet is accessible, with some limitations, at anytime and anywhere. Active listening, outside of classroom learning, is only an added benefit. Putting in the extra time allows for correct tone, pauses, slang, and pronunciation to be learned, pass what an instructor may teach in the classroom.

2. Keep notes on words and, better yet, phrases.
In the English language, many of the same words have different meanings depending on the context of the sentence. For example, the words their and there are pronounced the same but have different grammatical usage. This produces a more complicated element when learning word usage and grammar in English. A way to navigate this portion of learning the English language is to keep detailed notes on the words and, even better, notes on the exact phrases used with the words. Associating a word with a phrase helps with memory and correct grammar usage.

3. Speak as often as possible.
Practice makes perfect in any situation, and language learning is no different. You can practice reading, writing, and listening, however, without practice speaking, you will never become fluent in a language. It is best to practice English not only with your classmates but with native speakers who will give you the correct pronunciation and tone when using certain words.

4. Find a program right for you that aligns with your goals and objectives.
Everyone has a different learning styles and objectives when it comes to learning a new language. Maybe you need to expand your professional assets or be able to communicate with family members. Make sure your language program aligns you with the right tools and structure to achieve your goals.

Many English learners have found barriers to learning the traditional way with classroom lectures, memorization, and generic videos. It is proven that a conversational and interactive language learning environment is better than lecture language learning when it comes to learning English.

At CCLS Houston, we offer unique English language learning programs aimed at helping our students, no matter the level of proficiency, become fluent in the English language. Whether it is a beginner English class, accent reduction, or English for professionals, our courses are designed to ensure each student's objectives are met. To explore our methodology and different class offerings, contact us today!

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