How To Succeed In Learning A Language?

How To Succeed In Learning A Language?

Don’t use outdated, inefficient methods

Grammar-translation methods and tedious memorization of words and rules have been standard practice for centuries all over the world.

They’re outdated and ineffective

Focusing on conversational, functional language use is the method that works. Study and Learn in context through interaction with other people.

Don’t use unpractical material

Yes, it is not easy to find practical material while studying a new language 

The issue with unusable content is that people spend so much time just trying to make sense of it and see what they’re looking for before they get to learning anything useful in day to day life. 

Don’t focus on grammar study

Massive grammar study kills conversational progress.

We started studying grammar in school AFTER you became a fluent speaker of your mother tongue. Grammar study is for literacy skills at higher levels, NOT for conversational fluency in the early stages. 

Focus on conversational actively using common language patterns and try to learn the grammar naturally.

Don’t pay for low-quality schools

If the schools don’t give you a top-quality, communicative lesson and identify your needs, allow you plenty of time to speak, demonstrate patience, and their method doesn’t allow you to make a proper conversation, then look for another one.

Don’t let technology stop you from learning organically 

It’s so easy to jump on Google and immediately find an answer to something that we used to have to work hard to figure out.

While there are considerable benefits to having so much online material at our fingertips, it also means that we’re not training our problem-solving skills enough anymore, especially in learning foreign languages.

Shut down the computer and sit down with the old-fashioned pencil and paper, a coursebook, and study.