Four Things to Know Before Moving From the US to Brazil

Four Things to Know Before Moving From the US to Brazil

Each year many Americans decide it’s time for a change of pace and pick up and move their lives to one of the world's largest countries – Brazil. Moving to a foreign country is forever life-changing, introducing a new cultural experience and lifestyle. The culture shock experience is almost inevitable, but how can you make your ease into your new home’s culture easier?

Whether you are studying abroad for a semester, retiring and relocating, or want a change in life, there are essential things to know before moving to a new country, especially on a different continent.

According to Aetna, a global healthcare provider, droves of people move to South and Central America from the US, with numbers showing 40% of migrants choosing these destinations. [1]

For a transition as life-changing as moving to another country, it’s hard to be too prepared. Many unseen challenges could impact your ability to settle well in a new country. Here are four things that will help prepare you for smooth adaptation to Brazilian culture.

Four Things to Know Before Moving From the US to Brazil

4 Things to Know Before Moving to Brazil

1.Do your research (and not just online!) – Research! Research! Research! It is so important to know about the area you plan to move to before you get there. What are their visa guidelines? What are their everyday customs? What is the country’s economic standing?

The internet grants access to almost all the answers to all your questions. Spend time researching your new city and reading guides on how to navigate the lifestyle. Brazil is entirely different from the US in many aspects; however economy may be the biggest. Brazil is still a developing country, meaning infrastructure, business transparency, and corruption is prominent. Also, Brazil operates on a universal healthcare system that gives all access to basic and emergency medical care. [2]

You wouldn't want any of these things to come as a shock to you after your big move. The best thing to do is research and read everything you can about your chosen city. We highly recommend that you spend some time in the country before you move there to avoid a sharp and shocking learning curve.

2. Right financial mindset – Many think that moving out of America to another country guarantees a cheaper cost of living. Wrong!

While living in Brazil, many have found that everyday activities are significantly higher than they expected for a developing country, from the cost of living to dining experiences. Prices may be cheaper, however, it is crucial to have your plan on savings and income for a comfortable move. Checkout the True Cost of Living in Brazil for the year 2020.

3. Be ready for a new culture – No more "soccer," as the term is used in America. The term is football, and you will hear about it non-stop. Football is a huge part of Brazilian culture, from the players to the World Cup, Brazilians are always ready to discuss and debate their home team. Having a basic knowledge of Team Brazil may be great for making new friends or instantly connecting with your new community.

Also, Brazil is a very relaxed country. The residents move at a very leisurely pace, noted for 15-30 minutes late arrival to all events, including business meetings. With this knowledge, it will be easier to assimilate into your new home's culture.

4. Study the language – If not one of the most important things, the most important thing is to KNOW THE LANGUAGE. Neither Spanish nor English is the primary language spoken in Brazil, especially outside the major cities, and this will become apparent with your move. Knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese is vital for building your new life.

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