New Medical Spanish Program

CCLS Houston Offers New Medical Spanish Program

CCLS Houston has designed a new program to help medical professionals improve their communication with patients from Spanish-speaking communities. Prior Spanish-language education is not required for this program. Medical Spanish is an academic program focused on teaching the medical vocabulary, linguistics and cultural awareness necessary for caregivers to provide more effective and compassionate care to their patients.

The program consists of 100 hours of instruction, split into two levels. Instructors guide students through basic scenarios they will encounter in their professions. These scenarios include a visit to the doctor’s office, hospital registration, emergency room visits, appointments with specialists. The scenarios provide students with the basic vocabulary needed and offer insights into Spanish-speaking culture and its implications on healthcare. The program is academic in nature but still follows the CCLS principle that learning must be relevant, interactive and fun. Students participate in in-class activities as well as completing regular homework assignments to reinforce learning. Upon completion of the program, students will have a basic knowledge of standard medical vocabulary and will be able to ask simple questions of their patients.

Contact CCLS Houston for more information or to register for the program.