How to survive Christmas parties at the office

How to survive Christmas parties at the office

Ok, when you think about Christmas they may come to your mind images of beautiful and tall trees, plenty of gifts and delicious dinner with family and friends, but it never comes to your mind the Christmas party with your colleagues at the office. Lets be honest, most of times we don’t have good memories from this events but here are a few tips that could help you to survive the Christmas party at the office.

The gifts

We know it can become a real headache to find the proper gift for every one but please, we beg you to avoid the temptation of buying impersonal gifts like stationary stuff, agendas, calendars or things like that because you will be giving the wrong message: that you don’t care enough for your partners in order to take time and “think” about their gifts. Oh, and if you are not the boss and you have to give to your boss a gift, take it easy and do not feel under pressure, realize that he/she is the leader and is he/she the one who’s got to get a good impression of his team.

Be careful with your drinks

Nobody want’s to be remembered as the guy who tried to dance over the table and fell breaking his leg. So please hold back yourself; try to drink slowly, and have a good meal, if your stomach is empty your body will absorb more rapidly the alcohol; also, try to have a glass of water in between every alcoholic drink. If you don’t want to appear like a lightweight, ask for water in a half-pint glass with a slice of lime and tell anyone who asks it’s a gin and tonic.


The party is getting boring? Take advantage of the situation and cross the room to get the chance to know people from other area different to yours, you interact with the same people during all the year so this is the time to make bigger your circle, you don’t know, in the future you could be thankful to have a friend in the IT department or the finance office.


You need to think ahead to assure success. Plan your dressing, plan your transportation after the party, if you’re the boss, plan your speech, plan everything. Be sure to schedule the date with enough anticipation and to invite everyone; you must even plan your work flow so after the party you don’t feel under pressure to meet your deadlines on time.

Hope this will help you to have great holydays