The Key for Communication: The English Language

The Key for Communication: The English Language

As a direct result of the Internet being everywhere you look, the world we live in is more connected than ever. From the countless individuals looking at their smartphones during the day to the many other methods of communication, it is pivotal that we are able to talk to one another. While people have their differences in terms of taste, clothes, culture, and lifestyles, the international community has adopted English as the primary way of transmitting information. With a solid background covering more than one language, you can speak with countless individuals all around the world, and gain many new opportunities as a result; from personal reasons such as traveling and hobbies to professional growth, there are countless reasons to fine-tune one’s understanding of this rich language.

For many travelers, the linguistic barrier can and will interfere with day-to-day activities when communicating with locals. On one hand, many countries have adopted English as their official or secondary language. On the other, most countries have a good amount of English speakers in their communities. From translators to well-versed merchants and business people, there is always someone who can give you a hand. This is a direct result of the influence that English has in today’s society. If you learn enough about this language to interact with others, you will have a much easier time as a tourist. If you have a hobby that involves a lot of traveling and/or talking to people in other parts of the world, you can quickly further your individual pursuits; the possibilities are endless. From the recreational world to the more professional realm, people can and will take advantage of this universality of one language to communicate.

If you are an executive at a multinational corporation, furthering your skills in English is an excellent way to make yourself more appealing to your employer. Likewise, if you own your own business the English language may give you access to a much broader client base. Without the proper linguistic ability, it is difficult to properly communicate with your coworkers and prospective clients, both at home and overseas. Count how many times a day you speak to others. Now imagine how much more interacting could be done if you were able to speak a second language, such as English. Thanks to the information age, you can get much more done if you are fluent. The key to success is getting a message across, such as “I am a valuable asset to this company,” or “I can bring much to the table.” In essence, English can be used both for fun and for profit to help achieve one’s goals.

We live in an age where instant gratification and the gathering of knowledge are prioritized and glorified. Thanks to Google, we are able to get esoteric data on almost any subject matter one desires. With countless takeout and shipping options, it is easier than ever to get food and supplies to our doors without ever leaving the house. What draws all of these things together? When you can do almost anything from a computer in the era we live in, what is the sole barrier to getting that pizza in your stomach or from reading an expert thesis in your field? You must communicate your desire to your computer before getting the gratification. By learning English, you can open up countless new ways of getting what you want, when you want it. This is the beauty of the information age.

There is no doubt that the next Mecca for business and travel will speak English. Technology is rapidly expanding, and so is the need for more individuals in specialized fields, such as STEM. Just a decade ago, the prospect of computers holding files that could be universally accessed in “the cloud” was a dream. It is now a reality. Who knows what will be the next big revolution? The world is only going forward, never stagnating in its drive and progress. Why shouldn’t you do the same with your linguistic ability? English mastery is the most universal and safest manner to succeed in life. If you are in business, your rivals have every reason to try and outshine you. If you are hoping to travel, knowing what to say in an emergency can save lives by getting help on time. For those hoping to learn more about their passions, many papers and experts can only be found in a single language, which is often English. There are no negatives to obtaining a new asset that can serve you in many ways. If you can speak the language fluently, you can be a master of whatever you wish to do.