Cultural Intelligence

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What is Transcultural Competence?

The ability to work and live across cultures is key to for today’s globalized and interconnected world. It is also known by the term Cultural Intelligence. A expert in this field is capable of avoiding cultural misunderstandings that can ruin business or themselves. In 2015 alone, more than half of international business deals failed because of cultural differences. For example, doing business in a Latin American environment can lead to inadvertent misconceptions that also carry unwanted consequences into your deals. Being transculturally competent means being able to work through diverse values rather than against them. This, in turn allows you to transition smoothly toward your goals.

Why should we care?

Being bilingual today is not enough. In a world that is becoming smaller and more interconnected, you need to be able to drive across different cultures, present sometimes even at your own working space. In a culturally efficient environment, groups work better, directions are understood, and goals are achieved faster.

Transcultural Competence is the application of Cultural Studies to the business world. This means that it is a discipline with decades of existence, now adapted to enhance understanding in different spaces. By being able to identify cultural perspectives – perceptions, values, and beliefs – you can embrace them, and work towards an interaction that is always productive.

How can CCLS Houston help?

In our custom tailored seminars, you will be able to develop the skills you need to navigate across different cultural environments. We do not talk about culture, we provide you with the tools you need to understand transcultural competence, and be successful no matter the context.

Our syllabus is always flexible. One size does not fit all. We customize our content to better accommodate your needs and to specifically address your concerns.

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